Daytime Activities

The following tours are bookable by email. To book, please send your name and the date you wish to join to “

Whale Island Cliff hike
Snow shoeing tour
Build an Ice castle
Sea Kayaking

The cliffs of Whale Island   (Available May 1st – August 31st)
The whale island, located between the arctic mainland and the Norwegian sea is a natural wonder. Home to herds of reindeer, fox, moose and other animals – it`s the wild backyard of Tromso. Small fishing villages dot the coastline, inbetween stretches of emptiness. The autumn colors tell a tale of our short arctic summer, close to an end.The HIKE is known to be a simple, yet spectacular one. 3 days a week for the month of september we will be arranging this hike from 11.00.

The trip involves an hours drive from the hostel in Storgata, Tromso. The hike is simple, but we do recommend that you bring proper shoes, and that you are in good general health.

The trip takes an average of 4 – 5 hours, and may include other stops in case we spot animals or other interesting phenomena

Price per person: 600 NOK


Snow shoeing tour (Available December 1st – April 30th)

Start your day with an exciting snowshoe walk through a valley and up-hill just outside of scenic Tromsø! In the company of your knowledgeable guide you will head out to the more untamed parts outside the city and experience what it means to hike in the Arctic over the winter season.

Equipped with a pair of snowshoes, adjustable walking sticks, and a head-torch, you will explore the local fjords and mountains and maybe even spot some reindeer, moose, or whale. Then take a break and warm up next to a fire while munching on tasty snacks and hot drinks. To make it that much more exciting, grab one of the snow-sliders and skid down the hill while slashing some snow!

The trip lasts for 4-5 hours and is coordinated by a professional guide there to ensure you have the best time en route with stories of life in Northern Norway, knowledge about the area, and photography assistance. Your guide will plan a trip in the local area with spectacular sights of the Tromsfjord and surrounding mountains and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow!

You will receive all of the needed equipment upon arriving at the trail, so just bring your warm boots, mittens, and happy energy!


Build an Ice castle (Available December 1st – March 1st)

On this tour we will be building a civilization from scratch. Our main building material will be ice, which we prepare every night by tapping water from a lake. Using these building blocks we will make sculptures and structures which will contribute to the ice-castle. Whenever you join, be it November or March, you will witness a process in which we will build great works of arts and engineering out of frozen water.

This is possible in selected places where the sun shines a limited amount of hours every night. It will be educational, and you will learn about the different types and colors of ice, It`s carrying capacity and its movement.

An hours drive outside the city, discover what is becoming part of an ever growing trend of Ice structures.

On this tour you will be expected to help carry and build structures. You will also receive an ice-cube and equipment, to build your own character from ice, who will guard the castle.

Sea Kayaking (Available March 1st – October 1st)
The Tromso Activities Sea kayaking tour is a great way to spend your day in the Arctic. Get to know our coastline. We`re eager to teach you about our region, the birds, animals and people who live in it. Spending time off our shoreline surrounded by our photogenic mountains and the open expanses of water between themOur eqipment is easy to use, and we focus on safety every step of the way. Our kayaking will go along the coast, and we will be close to shore at all times. Equipment such as safety vests are included. Group bookings are welcome, and private tours can also be done. After the tour the option of using a jacuzzi in our main base downtown, is available for free.

This tour is safe for anyone who is in good health and have minimal shoulder/back issues. You need to know how to swim in case you fall in the water. Kids are not allowed on this tour. Safety is our primary concern and cases may occur were we will cancel your booking based on health or safety concern. This also goes in the case of weather conditions which are unfavourable.

Meet us at our meeting point in Storgata, from there we will move to the kayaking dock. Our route will be chosen according to the wind and weather conditions of the day. If you bring photo-equipment, please make sure it is water proof.