Where can i eat real norwegian food in Tromso

Eating authentic Norwegian or Local food in Tromso is not easy. If you want “Chinese” or “Meditteranean” (i.e kebab) you`re in the right place. But TRUE NORWEGIAN FOOD is hard to find.

Firstly, note that most Norwegians do not go out to eat norwegian food. If there even is something that can be called Norwegian food, it is normally eaten at home. In our homes and in our restaurants – Pizza and Tacos are much more popular than Meatballs (Kjøttkak) and Sheep-in-cabbage (fårikål)

If you want to buy Norwegian food in the supermarket – we can recommend the following products for you. This is probably the best way to experience the “Nuance” of norwegian products. “Open ended sandwitches – or “Brødskive” is our main food. On this slice of bread, we will put various products called “Pålegg” – here are some great examples of “Pålegg”

  • Nugatti (chocholate)
  • Leverpostei (lebenwurst)
  • Brunost (brown cheese)
  • Kaviar (Not the russian kind)

Other supermarket products that are very norwegian (Still not so popular among norwegians)

  • Frozen whale meat
  • Smoked salmon and trout
  • Sliced reindeer meat and reindeer sausage
  • Dried fish flakes

As for restaurants serving Norwegian foods – please try these ones:

  • Kaia (here you can have reindeer)
  • Mathallen Tromsø (Local produce)
  • Kystens hus (Fresh seafood and local produce)
  • Ølhallen (Mack beer and seagull eggs)
  • Arkthandria and Skarven (Baked potatoes, meat and seafood)
  • Fiskekompaniet (Great seafood)
  • Hildr (Old wooden house goodness)

We will update this list as more come to mind