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Northern lights

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Tromso Activities Tour Northern Lights

With years of experience, we optimize your chances of meeting the northern lights on your trip to Tromsø. We have access to the best weather forecast, local informants and knowledge of the region that is essential to find the lights! We go out in 8-person vans – which gives us time to help you capture the best photos and portraits in the northern lights. Click on a subject you want to know more about.

What is included in the tour?

How long are the tours, where are you going?

How can you be so sure to find the lights?

What if the weather is bad? Low KP index?

What if the weather is worse?

Do you have any discount?

And if we don’t see the lights?

Do I need to bring my own camera? How do you share photos?

What clothes do you recommend bringing?


What is included in the tour?

  • Free portraits with northern lights / scenery!
  • Transportation to and from the collection point (or hostel)
  • Bonfire, hot drinks and snacks (weather permitting)
  • Thermal suits
  • Maximum of 8 people per guide (which adds a more personal touch)
  • Some of the best local knowledge available

How long are the tours, where are you going?

  • The tours last from 5 to 9 hours.
  • Tours start from 9 pm in August, September and April
  • Tours start at 7pm in October and March
  • Tours start at 6pm in November, December, January and February
  • If conditions are better later or before normal start times, we will move the tour to optimize the chances (information will be provided)

Our priority is to see the lights. We will be out as long as practical to reach that goal. Sometimes we will go towards the coast, others we may even cross the border to Finland or Sweden. This gives us flexibility to choose. The big busses have only a few places where they can stop and let people off. We can stop in any side road, or pocket that we like. There are some amazing spots that we also pick if we can, please see our “Gallery” for some examples.

How can you be so sure of finding the lights?

The simple answer is space and time. At the maximum we have 9 hours to look for the lights. At the same time we have an area of 200 kilometers at our disposal. It`s simple mathematics! You observe the sky for a long period of time, and you go to the place where you have the clearest view and the least light pollution.

What if the weather is bad? Low KP index?

Most people make the mistake of checking the weather forecast for Tromso weeks or days before they arrive. Because of the unique Norwegian landscape, weather is highly localized. A fjord is basically a vain of water with a constant (high) temperature being pumped in and out of the landscape by the tides. The high mountain ridges create barriers that can trap moisture and precipitation on one side, and clear the air on the other. Within the 200 kilometer radius of Tromso are continental, coastal, mountanous, and highland climates. Not to mention the fact that weather forecasts are highly innacurate until a few hours before.
The KP index is by its nature unpredictable. While it can predict a general solar activity level, you cannot use it to know how, when or where, the northern lights will show up. Imagine you look at the weather forecast and you see it will get windy. But you cannot predict when the gusts of wind will blow. This is a useful way to look at the Aurora forecasts. (And please delete your “Aurora forecast” app – they always say “Try”)

What if the weather is worse?

We will always ch0ose safety first. We specifically check road warnings put out by the Norwegian government. If there are indications that snowfall or floods makes roads unsafe we will either move the tour to a different time or cancel it. All payments will be refunded, no questions asked.
Do you have any discounts?
If you pre-book two northern lights tours with us via email ( We will provide the second one for only 850 NOK

What if we don`t see the lights

Since the lights are a phenomenon that arizes high up in the upper layers of the atmosphere they are by their very nature, unpredictable. If by chance we don`t see the lights, there is no refund or discount. However you can pre-book two tours and get a discount.

Do i need to bring my own camera? How do you share pictures?

You do not need to bring your own camera. If you do, we recommend bringing a tripod as well. We can help you with most types of cameras to get the optimal shot.
Point and shoot cameras normally provide poor images, and are hard to set. A good DSLR camera with a wide angle lens is what`s going to provide the best results.
We have our own camera, and will happily take pictures and portraits. After the tour is over they are provided for free in a shared folder for one month.

What clothes do you recommend to bring?

When spending time outdoors in different climates, you need to be prepared. It will always be better to take too much than too little, because feeling cold is not fun. Bring socks and shoes that protect your toes. Bring gloves that can be easily removed if you need to prepare your camera Bring a hat and scarf A warm jacket, warm jacket wool or wool underwear.

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