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We normally get many questions by email. Normally these questions have been asked many times before. Click on the subject you would like to know more about.

How do i get to the city center from the Tromso Airport?


Laundry Usage

Showers and bathrooms


Booking Policies

Clothing Reccomendations

Parking Spots

Long Term or group bookings

Included with booking

Early check in/Late check in

House rules

There are two kitchens at the hostel for use by everybody. There you will be able to make basic dishes.
We do our best to supply sugar, salt, cooking oil, coffee and tea

Laundry Usage
We have a Laundry on the property which can be used between 16.00 – 20.00. It costs 100 per batch. Please ask our staff to be able to use. (Subject to availability, 24 hours to wash and dry)

Showers and bathrooms

At the hostel we have two showers and toilets. One in each building. We also do our best to provide hair dryers (when they are being put back properly in their place by our lovely guests)

We have free wi-fi at the hostel. The password will be provided in your confirmation email after making a booking.

Booking policies

All bookings before 8PM. To book less than two consecutive nights, please send an email directly to

Clothing recommendations

A common question is what kinds of clothing is needed when visiting Tromsø. The simplest advice we can give is to cover areas of your body that are exposed to cold. Here is a list of clothes you should bring in the Aurora season (September to April) :
Hat that covers your ears
Wool underwear
Wool socks
water/snow proof shoes that go over your ancles
A wind proof jacket/Down jacket

Remember that it is always better to bring to much than too little. We do our best to keep the rooms sufficiently heated. The temperature of Tromsø city does not often go far under zero, but in the areas around the city (Close to the Swedish/Finnish border – mountain roads etc) the temperatures can get down to the minus teens or twenties.

During the summer temperatures normally stay between 10 and 20. Remember to bring a sleeping mask due to the midnight sun.

Parking spots

We do not have parking spots at the Hostel. However parking is available for free in our street on the following times:

  • Free from 17.00 to 23.00 (or until next morning at 8 am during summer)
  • 15.00 – 23.00 on Saturdays
  • Free from 07.00 – 23.00 on Sundays
  • During summer parking is free from 15.00 on Saturday until 08.00 on Monday

Parking is also available inside a tunnel in the island of Tromsø, and is recommended to keep your car free from snow and ice during the winter months. The prices in the tunnel are around 300 NOK per day.

Long Term or group bookings
We sometimes receive requests for long term bookings. We accept long term bookings from April 15th until June 15th. Prices depend on the length of the stay. Any requests for a long term booking outside of this time period will not be granted.For group bookings we recommend planning this far ahead. We will require a 25% initial deposit to make such a booking. The hostel has 12 beds in dormitories and 14 beds in double rooms. Accordingly we can accommodate groups of up to 26 people if no other bookings have been made for the dates in question.

Included with booking
We include bed sheets. (Towels are not included)
Private rooms have a key
We do at the moment NOT include breakfast,
however you can use the kitchen

Early check in/Late check in

Standard check in time – 16.00 to 20.00. 

Standard check out time – 12.00.

Early check in will in most cases not be available. This is because we need time to get your room ready for you. However you are free to come in and wait in our common areas. You are also free to use the kitchen, wi-fi and shower if you wish. If you would like to leave your luggage and have a look around the city, you can do so in the hallway of the blue house, below the stairs. Any luggage left in other areas may be removed by our cleaner/receptionist.

We do not allow late check outs, but you are free to use shower, kitchen and wi-fi after check out. You can leave your luggage in the hallway of the blue house and walk around the city/relax in the common areas if your plane/ship leaves in the evening or afternoon.

House rules

We have a few basic rules on the property to keep it pleasant and fun for everybody.

– Smoking is not allowed inside or around the property. We do not have any ash trays and if you throw garbage or sigarette stumps around the property you may be asked to leave.
– Visitors who are not from the hostel are not allowed inside the house. Anyone who does not have a booking at the hostel will be evicted on the spot. If you wish to have visitors please use restaurants or cafes around the hostel.
– quiet hours are from 23PM until 7AM.
– no guests below 18 yrs of age.

Any breach of these rules can cause eviction on the spot.


There is a dog living at the premises.  (This means that you need to keep your food safe) He is extremely friendly and loves people. If you have any other particular needs, please let us know some time in advance so we have time to adjust your booking. 

We do allow pets (Dogs/cats) to stay on most occasions but it will need to be cleared by us first

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