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How do I get to you from the Airport?

The ULTIMATE guide.

If there is one question we've answered so much, we silently drop a tear when it inevitably comes once more - it's this:

How can I get to the Hostel from the Airport?

My flight leaves early/arrives late, are the busses still going?

How can I get to the Hostel from the Airport?

(How to get to the Tromso city center from the Airport)

There are four main options:

  1. Take the Airport bus. This costs 90 NOK and can be paid either by cash or by card. You can ask the driver to drop you off outside the hostel (sometimes they do; our address is “Storgata 107"). If not, you have to leave the bus at the “Scandic Ishavshotel” which is usually the last stop.
  2. Take the city bus. This is bus number 42 which is called "Stakkevollan". you should ask the driver to let you off at "Skippergata" and from there we are just 100 meters away. The price is 50NOK and they only accept cash or their bus card/APP. It's cheaper if you buy a ticket from the kiosk at the airport or use the app (which is also good for seeing when the buses go)
  3. Take a taxi. They are always happy to have customers and always ready (even at night). They accept both cash and card. Prices vary by time of day, and as far as we have experienced it costs around 300 - 400 NOK.
  4. Walk. If you're not carrying a big back pack/suitcase, you can walk to the hostel. It should take about an hour at a regular walking pace. (Not recommended in a blizzard)

My flight leaves early/arrives late, are the buses still going?
This is like answering the age old question “How long is a stick?"

It's very variable. The general rule is that "As long as there is a flight, the airport bus goes to - and from the airport”. Both buses have seasonal and weekday variations.

For the city bus - use their bus planner. This is ONLY in Norwegian (conveniently enough)

Click the link which is set from the airport to Skippergata, update your travel time, and press “SØK” - then you will get the next available bus from that time)

For the airport bus times - here is a schedule of departure times TO the city center and FROM the city center.